Vacation Villa Completely Open to the Mexican Pacific Bay


Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy this paradise – like mansion. Although located in Mexico and designed for permanent living, this house project possesses the undeniable exotic aroma and romantic spirit of an island vacation villa. Maintaining open and uninterrupted connection with its surroundings the SJAI house is not only beautifully nested between palms and endemic plants, not only completely open to the Mexican Pacific Bay by extended pool terrace, but also the material palette chosen by the architects from  is mainly local and environmentally friendly.




The wooden construct of this exotic dwelling is made from certified forest; the stone for the walls and platforms is extracted from the place of the project, the intriguing external roof is created in traditional technique with local palm and wood. Sandblasted marble is covering the floors throughout the house bringing warm comfort and functionality to the space, so inhabitants can go barefooted if wished.





Those beautiful natural materials correspond wonderfully with the whole interior design atmosphere; white textiles that bring freshness and romance into the premise, supplemented by comfy textures, designers furniture pieces, and classic dеcor – occasionally spiced up with vintage furniture elements and decorations pieces replica to the Spanish – colonial time. The spacious volumes full of natural light and warm earthy colors offer welcoming ambiance that has stylish and exotic features simultaneously. The beautiful wooden veneer that clad walls, ceiling and furniture adds to the warmth sophistication of the premises. The luxuriant vegetation of the surroundings embraces not only the house garden and exterior premises but also every room and space in the interior, bringing tropical life and charm to the home.  Artistically beautiful landscape completes the picture of this warm paradise home.  Photographs: Rory Gardiner, Marcos García









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