Leaf Seat Upholstered Pouf Design by Nicolette de Waart


Leaf Seat is a upholstered wool pouf, design by . Each one can be used as a stand-alone object in a room they are particularly impressive when placed together.



Most footstools come in rather predictable shapes and forms and are regarded merely as an accessory to a chair. The aim in designing the Leaf Seat was to create a foot stool as an object of desire. Made in cooperation with highly qualified craftsmen, the 100% Kvadrat wool-covered Leaf Seat is a modular concept. Though each one can be used as a stand-alone object in a room, they are particularly impressive when placed together. The Leaf Seats dimension and shape enables it to be interlocked in a variety of combinations. Imagine creating one big leaf on the floor made up of seven seats, or connecting them in a linear form to make a daybed. A host of Leaf Seats could be combined to create a forest effect and work effectively well in public spaces such as reception areas and galleries. The latest addition in black and off-white with contrasting piping enlightens the veins like an x-ray of a leaf, creating a new and a unique effect.





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