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Colors Textures and Patterns at Lynne Cunningham Art


Lynne Cunningham has an outstanding career as a landscape architect and had completed many urban public projects in Northern California. So that’s not unusual that her paintings are focuses on subjects as cityscapes, landscapes, memory paintings or derived from nature.

My paintings are contemporary and expressionist. I work with a color palette inspired by nature, and in fact, I painted outdoors for many years. Using the colors, textures, and patterns of the natural and real world, I’m inspired to extract an idea from what I see and experience,  and then paint the idea on canvas.

 Design in my paintings, as in all creative professions, is my highest priority. The color is an endless passion, and I look at the color palettes of artists in our past, including the Impressionists and early Abstract Expressionists. Textural marks and surfaces are wonderful enhancements to the mood of a painting; marks are great fun to make on a canvas!

 In late 2016 I was selected by a wholesale art dealer, who creates reproductions of my work.  I retained ownership of the image rights, and have developed my own collection and catalog of high-quality prints, in a collaboration between myself and a fine art reproduction specialist. Forty-five prints on canvas and heavy watercolor paper are available; this is a good value in large, contemporary art for interiors.  Custom painting (commissions) have been very successful for me, and collaborations are welcome including digital design for fabrics and wallpaper.

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