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Child-Friendly Home by Bean Buro


How are the interior design trends developing in Hong Kong lately? Well, this contemporary project of Bean Buro architects team gives an elegant, well balanced and luminous answer to that question.

The apartment reconstruction is carried out for young couple with two kids, and the playful spirit is visible. As the architects say:  “The apartment was designed with children in mind, to encourage exploration of space through the game.”

So, many custom-made compartments and movable parts are created throughout the apartment: to storage staff, to free space, to open and close different functions, to create niches, to evokes dynamic interactions. The sliding (and we may say beautiful) wooden doors that lead to the bedrooms (both master and children’s’) are constructed so that, when open reveal a free flow between spaces. The oval crones of the custom-made bookshelf structure open the living room premise into a seamless flow into a despairing corridor.

Soft textures, oblong crones, mild color palate and organic materials constitute a very welcoming and elegant atmosphere. A palette of sober, mainly white and gray tones, and warm wood cladding in different rooms, creates a shared atmosphere that conveys harmony and serenity. The bathroom also celebrates natural materials and a neutral chromatic palette, which connects with the rest of the house. The furnishing is artistic and fashionable – intuiting shapes, unusual materials and unity in stylistics throughout the apartment (including the children’s room) creates the unique and elegant character of this design.

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