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Spacious Apartment at Madrid by Zooco Estudio


We continue our series of sophisticated elegance and serene contemporary decors with this spacious apartment project of Zooco Estudio. Located in Madrid, Spain the apartment renovation is carried with style and aim towards spaciousness and functionalism.

With a distinctive vintage mid century modern vibe and high-class materials, palette space offers comfort and eminent style. The kitchen is placed in the center of the open plan flow of the premises. Panoramic windows bring an abundance of light and beautiful urban view into the decor composition. Differed types of wooden cladding define the multiple living spaces without putting physical borders. The dining zone has the floor and ceiling wood veneer that give warmth and comfort to the area and a wooden lattice which separates a small working corner. The kitchen features stylish tile floor and functional and elegant appliances decided in minimalist language.

A halo of the 70’s permeates the interiors of the house highlighted with classic pieces of national and international design such as the Disa lamp by  Jose Antonio Coderch, or the popular Eames House Bird. The Serif TV in the living room is another stylish design piece by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Samsung Electronics. The apartment’s sober furniture composition harmonizes with the simple chromatic palette of the rest of the house with colors such as white, oak and gray featured in the structure and metal carpentries as well as in the textile and textural components. Bold touches of colors (such as the orange in the lighting solutions or the dark charcoal and black elements) are also an homage paid to the vintage vibe that characterizes the design style.



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