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OEU-ChaO Convert 30 Square Meters House into a Family Home


In the fast growing metropolis like Beijing, China the living spaces are confined and with uncertain borders between privet and public, but there is also the concern of losing the historical heritage and charm of the old hutongs and courtyards. So the architects from OEU-ChaO had undertaken the challenging task to convert this small (30 square meters) house into a home for three member family and bring ( literary) a new light into the windowless space. Giving a dynamic, functional and luminous read to the old structure by adding much-needed space and simultaneously preserving the historical heart and charm of the space is always a project worth exploring closer.

Space consists of few interesting architectural solutions: first, there is the small courtyard that vertical trough windows connect to the kitchen and dining room premise and hence becomes it’s outdoors extension that allows the family to dine outside if the weather permits it. Exposing the original, beautiful wooden structure of the pitched roof and the wooden beams that sustain the structure gives the inside premises not only the original and characteristic spirit but also elevates the overall space and gives the architects additional mezzanine space that hosts the child’s room and brings spacious, aerially feeling to the whole plan.

Skylight windows illuminate the interior and bring sufficient natural light into the decor that is cleverly reflected and enhanced by the light color scheme and the cozy organic materials composition. The color palette of the interior composition consists of light beige, white and delicate grays that give elegance, easiness and contemporary light to the organic composition. Polished concrete floors, beautiful wooden furniture, and soft textures complete the homey and sophisticated expression of the interior decor. Vintage pieces of furniture (like the nice wooden bench in the hallway) add specific historical read to the composition.   Photography by Zhi Cheng



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