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Emme Stainless Steel Accessories by Mina


Minimal but never boring, they are simply beautiful. EMME accessories do of their simplicity and directness the basic framework to be able to place into every context, making it richer without overloading. A whole collection composed by laser-cut attractive elements that have been made by stainless steel bar, because in some accessories the protagonist par excellence of every products designed by Mina cannot miss. Then elegance allows stainless steel to appear in its shades.

To watch with the little tickle of wonder that reinterprets daily items in the light of evocation: following designed outline of the hanger, geometric curves of a “cactus” which becomes coat hanger, figuring the long parallel lines of bars which are interrupted by holders and ideas for maximum freedom of use. Because EMME accessories collection is comfortable inside as well as outside the bathroom.

MINA: 100% stainless steel. A unique and forward-looking choice of a Company which is always capable of producing excellent design products.