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XYI Design Created Comfortable Home in Qingdao


A high figure in the high-stress financial world, the house owner, likes to spend time at home engaging in static leisure activities, rela and doing the things he wants. As a result, a comfortable home ambiance is a foremost need.

Outside the window, cast your gaze on the boundless horizon and endless sea – this is the glorious landscape of Qingdao, China. Within the window, the serene atmosphere seems to have come from another time, and you can slowly savor and ruminate on life’s finer things. Accompanied by the delicate notes of music flowing from the high-end headphones he has collected, he adds longingly, “I want to pursue life’s subtle beauties.”

The design team of XYI Design has fused the natural vista captured by the line of sight with a 120 m2 residence, and used natural materials such as wood, stone, and fabric to create a rela atmosphere. The expansive glass window extending to the floor brings sunlight into the home, and the light passing through the glass and line of sight passing through the window give the living room as a whole a sense of spaciousness and ease.

The living room is both public space, and also a leisure area where one can enjoy sensory pleasures. A large hidden projector screen is located above the marble wall and can be pulled down to achieve the maximum possible audiovisual effect. When not in use, the screen can be tucked away in a grille in the ceiling, restoring the marble’s role as the visual centerpiece of the living room. This also let space go back to its function as a place for living and everyday residential activities.

Adjacent to the living room, the guest bedroom/den boldly uses an open glass partition design, which softens the rigid dividing line between public and private spaces, and lets one’s line of sight roam freely with the beams of sunlight. The master bedroom and main den replicate the living room’s warmth, comfort, and understatedness, while the kitchen is characterized by solid elegance.

The large areas of black enameled glass reflect and extend the kitchen’s sense of space. Under the light of the exquisitely-shaped glass lamps, the house’s owner can enjoy blissful moments alone, or gather some good friends and drink until morning. With natural wood and stone establishing the base colors, each space comes together harmoniously in the setting of this big household, while not surrendering their unique personalities. This is an elegant private garden for people living in the noisy, fast-paced, crowded city.

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