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South Melbourne House Renovated by Inglis Architects


Originally built in 1800’s this South Melbourne house was renovated and reimagined by Inglis Architects for a client that had a very clear idea for his needs – from the beautiful garden that can provide herbs and fresh ingredients for the kitchen to the eclectic design mixture of classic furniture and minimalist elegance.

Converting this once small and complicated house into an open and inviting home the architects achieved spacious and serene atmosphere, preserving some of the original features of the home: high ceilings and arched passages, and adding modern design aesthetic and innovations. Like the trendy black metal framing of the vast windows or the excellent use of raw materials and finishes.

Entwining luxurious materials palette – with a strong presence of marble in the bathrooms and kitchen area, exquisite wood cladding and furniture – with charming design details (like the Victorian bathtub or the owner’s collection of art and eclectic classic furniture selection) the designers composed clean and welcoming ambiance for this two-story house.

The monochromatic color palette is sustained in light and natural tonalities, refreshed by the egg shell – blue accents throughout the premises, which introduces the exquisite summer freshest into the composition. The open layout of the kitchen, dining zone, and living area is illuminated by the vast windows structure, skylights, and discrete lighting scheme – the furnishing is classic and elegant. A light home that offers comfort and tranquility and combines the old charm and the modern minimalism of design.  Photography by Shannon McGrath



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