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Modern Cube-Shaped House in Belgium


Sometimes when combining clear-lined and simplistic European design technics with contemporary shapes and beautiful views the result may be magnificent like is the case with this modern creation of Tom Mahieu Architect. Thin, elegant lines, crisp white surfaces, close connection and at the same time conceptual juxtaposition between contemporary minimalism and natural landscape, this are the characteristic features of this memorable design composition.

Luminous, clear-lined and remarkably modern this cubical home in Belgium enjoys fully the beautiful surrounding views tanks to its ingenious architecture and the vast glass openings that lead the national park’s picturesque landscape into the pure lines of the interior. The lower volume is almost entirely composed of glass, to maximize the capture of intriguing views, but the decor composition also entwines crisp white surfaces and black metal frames – that replicate in interior design accents in black, serving as visual anchors to the minimalist and light decor composition. The light color scheme is kept fresh by delicate pastel tonalities and occasional bright spots.

Fallowing the clients brief for pure lines and open volumes the architect composed two cubical volumes laid on top of each other in a crosswise manner that ingeniously secures shadow and rain protection for the garden deck. The interior is minimalist, very elegant and bright. Contemporary art pieces, trendy and sleek furniture and exquisite materials palette (that includes beautiful wood, classy marble, and polished concrete) are the main ingredients of this magnificent and luminous example of contemporary European design.  Photography by Yannick Milpas



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