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Think Forward Created a Space that Charms with Style and Welcoming Spirit


Think Forward design team – Galina Milkova and Nedko Nikolov created a boutique space that charms with style and welcoming spirit.

Healthy Jar is a dessert bar for healthy food, located in the heart of Burgas city, Bulgaria. The owner’s artistic and colorful design of homemade breakfast in a jar has inspired a boutique space with layers of materials, textures, and colors.

The 15 sq.m. space is divided into a client and a bar zone, united only by the metal mesh ceiling. Customers are welcomed by the marble bar where jars are prepared at the moment. Subtly reflecting the purple color of the background, the copper and wood shelves are covered with different shades of red, pink and purple dry fruit jars. Two seating areas frame the windows of the bar, where customers can enjoy their breakfast on comfortable flock upholstered benches and console marble tables. Restored purple Thonet chairs and a fuchsia armchair from the 1950s stand out on the varnished oak parquet which continues up the wall. Photography by Georgi Petev

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