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Perforated Aluminum Island at Parisian Apartment by SABO Project


The reinvention of this 1920 industrial building in Paris into a unique, ingenious and modern apartment is undertaken by SABO project. Custom made structures – the most breathtaking of which is, no doubt, the perforated aluminum island in the center of the premises that hosts the privet zones of the functional arrangement, but also cabinetry, wardrobes, closets, second level guest bedroom, are the landmarks of this ingenious design creation. The designers had stripped the concrete ceiling, walls and supporting columns to their row original expression and this preserves and inserts the industrial heritage of the space into its contemporary recreation.

The creators of this fluid dialog between old and new combined unexpected materials like the custom punched 40 aluminum sheets that compose the island, with elegant wooden floors, row concert and porcelain accents. The last of which deserve special attention: first the artistic white porcelain lamp installation suspended above the kitchen and dining zone – elegant and artistic, and second the trendy tile composition, a creation of Claesson Koivisto Rune for Marrakech Design – introducing hints of the Orient in a modern and dynamic way.

The aerial and majestic effect is achieved with the light distribution- through artistic perforations on the aluminum sheets of the island – illumination play and unusual diffusion of light are achieved. Filtering the natural light form the outside into the bedroom and bathroom premises or the other way around – serving as a light diffuser at nights and illuminating the rest of the premises – this modernistic structure offers multiple entertaining and functional qualities.



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