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Industrial Decor and Japanese Lifestyle Interplay in Apartment by HAO Design


The well-known Taiwanese studio HAO Design had completed the composition of this vast apartment space combining the interests of the couple that will live there. The industrial hint favored by the husband and the bright Japanese style with Nordic cultural accents searched by the wife.

Using honest and expressive materials palette an abundance of concrete and cement, stainless steel, unpolished wood furniture, cladding additions (including the beautiful, precise lines of the sliding multi-functional Japanese-styled panels that separate the living room premises) the designers composed an ambiance of clean emanation with restrained elegance in the color palette as well.

This simplistic and spacious contemporary design features excellent furniture selection choices: in the living room,  pull-out bed and table from the Modernica collection – give modern expression to the design, but their row clear-lined silhouettes are balanced with some craftsmanship design pieces with wooden and textural richness.

Intriguing contrast of textures and shapes is given by the beautiful dining table composed of recycled pine wood and concrete – unique and characteristic piece. The classic Wishbone Chair in the living room also combines two diametric expressions – eastern and western elements; it incorporates the designs of traditional armchairs from the Ming Dynasty into modern silhouette with classic undertones.

The thin lines of the exposed wiring on the concrete ceilings (trendy approach towards lighting installations) are replicated below in the elegant stainless steel frames of the contemporary design furniture pieces – a metal wink to the owner’s profession. The six arms of the intriguing lamp from Tonone’s Bolt collection extend in the space and give it light and elegant line. Although this spacious modern home is fully embracing the spirit of simplistic design approach still offers a welcoming, entertaining and intriguing experience of spatial and textural arrangement.  Photography is by Hey Cheese