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Luxury Apartment with Signature Interior Design by Interjero Architektura


This Luxembourg apartment is designed and refurbished by the renowned Lithuanian design studio Interjero Architektūra, and as signature design elements characteristic for the designers (rich textures, graphic details, colors with high expression, trendy design elements and artistic furniture pieces) are entwined in this home, the composition is worth closer exploration.

First are the main living premises: open floor plan that interconnects the different functional zones of the family’s day life; the large welcoming and soft furniture pieces that are very trendy right now. Velvet upholstery in bold color and invitingly large surfaces are becoming a central focal point of the design arrangement. But the separation panel constructed from dark metal frames with graphic patterns, wooden veneer, and transparent glass is also a fascinating space element – it separates a working corner in restrained color selection a functional arrangement.

The kitchen corner also offers an exciting entwinement of luxurious gray marble, modern appliance and warm wooden veneer – a classy yet fashionable composition. Modernistic kitchen island with trendy design and dining table adjoined to it complete this functional zone. All of the family day life zones are interconnected by gorgeous herringbone parquet.

The bedrooms also show exceptional attention towards the detail, personal charm, and artistic touch. The children’s rooms are cheerful and showing the character of their inhabitants stylishly and artistically – a ballerina dream in soft pastel pinks for the girl and adventurous spirit with sea-color touches for the boy. The exotic feel of the master bedroom with its tropical design wallpaper and the warm, rich, green velvet of the bed headboard still possesses a classic frame and well-balanced atmosphere.

The play of textures and colors, so characteristic of the designers style, go throughout the whole apartment and make it incredibly fresh, entertaining and with an eye towards the modern design trends. Even the bathroom is intriguingly arranged graphic black and white patterns on the tile selection that is well balanced by the fresh, bright yellow accents – a piece of art. Another unifying design element, which can be seen throughout the apartment, is the trendy lamps and lighting solutions – most of them a creation of Flos IC Lights, characteristic contemporary lamps design often featuring brass or bronze elements. Speaking of which, this trendy metal touch in modern design can be spotted in many places throughout this stylish home interior.  Photograhy by Leonas Garbačauskas



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