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Terracota Apartment by AR Arquitetos


Terracota Apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil form AR Arquitetos had kept the furnishing low and dynamically arranged to create an opened office which communicates with the whole area around it. By rearranging the internal organization of the original floor plan generates more considerable fluidity in the living area, kitchen, and bedrooms.

A metallic shelf that can be seen as the central element of the apartment was built. Made in a burgundy metal sheet with a few niches this aspect works in three dimensions, setting different spaces up the same shelf transforms itself into lighting for the living area, office table, support for the bar, as well as finishing layer for the corridor that leads to the bedrooms. The whole apartment is marked by the set of burgundy metal sheet and wood panel, creating a common aesthetic language for the entire apartment.

The kitchen was separated from the living room by a Wood panel with flexible openings, being able to remain shut or opened, as needed. This same panel includes the front door forming a type of internal facade. By the intimate area this shelf made it possible to enlarge the main bedroom, now turned into a suite, enabling more closet space for the client.