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House Extention in Lviv by replus design bureau


Creating a new house extension to the existing classic home in Lviv, Ukraine the architects from replus design bureau were searching for a close connection with the gardens and at the same time privacy from the neighboring houses.

Entwining large floor-to-ceiling windows, thin steel beams and other natural materials: like artificially aged copper, heat-treated ash board for the terrace, stone, and cement – also become a part of the materials palette. The architects achieved elegant merger with the original structure. The interior arrangement entwines classic features with modern furniture, muted color palette with vital colorful accents and trendy lightning installations with an abundance of natural light.

The main living premises offer open floor plan that connects the kitchen zone (defined by kitchen island slash breakfast bar structure) with the soft siting room with its dynamic modern interior decoration. Large circular patterns on the ceiling are very trendy in the last years on the international design scene. So in the case of this illumination installation, its dynamic modern presence only compliments the rest of the cubic shapes of the design arrangement and the expressive color hint of the carpet.

The dining table with its clean classical features enjoys a beautiful panoramic view from the aquarium like a structure of the new house addition. Large ceramic pots in modernistic style introduce vital plant life into the interior. The cappuccino shade of the color backdrop gives warmth to the monochrome color arrangement.


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