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Encaustic Tiles, Terrazzo and Warm Timbers at Fonda Restaurant


Eclectic interior decor for a Fonda Mexican restaurant located in Bondi that gives a fun, cheerful and bright vibe. Designed by Studio Esteta the restaurant space draws its inspiration form its contextualized location; the red clay of the desert, the slightly rustic feel combined with playful contemporary shapes and material and the blue elements of the design inspired by the coastal location of the restaurant are the milestones of the decor composition.

Warm and welcoming the atmosphere of the restaurant offers open, fluid and seamless spatial flow that leads form the busy street greeting bar through the more privet company accommodations (with gorgeous curved wooden benches), to the secluded amongst plant rich life privet booths and niches with their artistic and playful shapes and color compositions.

The designers combined the row textures of Mexico: including rendered wall finishes, rust-toned encaustic tiles, rattan screens, varying shades of terrazzo and warm timbers; whit expressive and graphic shapes, elegant metal arches, retro-inspired furniture design and contemporary materials like terrazzo and colored metal frames and basis.

The smooth angles, curved arches, and round shapes supplement the soft expression of the textural composition. The curved ling blue ceiling is a direct reference to the ocean waves, inspired by the coastal location of the restaurant. But the designers chose to use curved instead of sharp angles, arches and a half circles is the one that gives an intriguing character to the premises. The natural earth red hue of the tiles that compose the bar and extend to the wall finishes provides a strong feeling of belonging, warmth, and tradition that invites and intrigues.  Photography by Tessa Ross – Phelan