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PB Studio Shows Chic Way to Mix Metals in Home Decor


Attention toward the detail, expressive elegance and intelligent, well balanced contemporary ambiance, as well as smart usage of various, trendy metal accents and impressive custom-made structures, are the high lines of this modern, new project by the Polish design PB Studio.

The place offers multiple focal accents that are a great example of creative design. From the amazing staircase architecture that combines a very trendy metal mesh shapes fusing at the end into cozy and invitingly looking wooden structure with soft, welcoming cushions forming a chill out corner. Or the fantastic entwinement of trendy, hexagonal shaped tiles and wooden parquet and structures at the foyer – a very artistic and cool greeting ambiance.

Actually each and every premise of this modern home offers its own unique design combination and characteristic structures. The bright yellow metal structures in one of the children’s room, black accents and whitewash brick walls, the soft gray upholstery giving cozy emanation to the master bedroom spiced up by modern bras details, and on and on – the place is a treasure chest full of amazing and elegant design details, a characteristic touch of the designers.

The open floor layout of the main living space features a dynamic and clever duality of material combinations that define the kitchen, dining zone and the living room, respectively. The light furniture surfaces in the kitchen area are combined with gray floor tiling creating pure and luminous ambiance, the living premise, on the other hand, features darker tonalities in the furniture composition and rich wooden floor, which creates warmer and deeper sensual feel for the décor composition.

The soft sitting area consists of contemporary gray colored furniture pieces that offer simultaneously comfort and elegant almost minimal expression, and some charming black accents. The graphics combination between the sharp rectangular lines of the very modern, black-metal fireplace and the slightly rounded corners of the dove-gray furniture pieces is very well suited combo. Custom made details like the very trendy copper handles of the kitchen cabinetry (a nice contrast there) elegant luxury additions like the marble-like kitchen island or the sculpturesque fireplace structure, and of course the expressive modern design lamps throughout the premises create the unique character of the design.  Photography by Tom Kurek

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