Patricia Urquiola Creates Mirage Rug for GAN


Patricia Urquiola creates another modern classic accessory. , the new collection of rugs designed for , is destined to become a treasured icon. Colour, geometry, and superimposition are combined with this rug of pure New Zealand wool manufactured using the hand-knotted technique.

The mold-breaking approach and ongoing experimental nature of Patricia Urquiola’s work have produced a carpet, Mirage, that takes on the qualities of a painterly work of art. Its formal power and tonal strength, the playful game of perspective and the illusion of movement of the interwoven bands, escaping the rectangular limits of a typical rug, recall Op art and avant-garde artistic movements of the beginnings of the 20th Century.

The entire design of Mirage is inter-linked, with no beginning or end, just like Urquiola’s favored expression. The color shading in addition to defining the bands also creates a three-dimensional effect that breaks out from the usual rectangular rug format. An exercise in three-dimensional composition. The edges follow its logic as a series of angled rectangular bands that escape the regular form.

Mirage is a testament to the time and commitment that GAN provides its designers to come up with original creations employing craft sensibility and re-interpretations of traditional methods. Mirage is a technically complex rug to produce. The color variations require an expert eye that organize the felt into precise bands of varying tones in the traditional hand knotted method.

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