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Kvistad with Color Interior Concept for Scandinavian Office


Bakken & Bæck have been growing fast over the last years, so naturally, more office space where needed. Kvistad developed the interior concept “Scandinavian Spaceship”- a union of spaceage, futurism and Scandinavian lines.

The Oslo headquarters is strongly divided through the use of hue, as the walls, ceiling, floor, and furniture in different spaces have been entirely flooded in distinctive palettes. The designers wanted to create the impression that the interior had been cast in the same material or 3D printed in its entirety.

The most utilized color throughout is a soft powder blue that creates a palpable airiness in the meeting rooms, social areas, hallways, and corridors. The monochrome is not monotonous, however, as Kvistad punctuates the space with natural material details such as raw clay plant pots, verdant greenery and lengths of unpainted wood in chair legs and table surfaces, as well as with random variations in tint and shade. The overall effect signals the Scandinavian heritage of the studio, updated with unmistakably contemporary chic.

Elsewhere in the Bakken & Bæck HQ, private spaces such as the cloakroom and bathroom blush with a warm rose-pink from ceiling to floor, while pale gold in a meeting room gently keeps out the blue beyond the glass. A sitting nook endearingly named The Sauna offers a comfortable space for relaxation but also rejuvenation within the cushioned alcove of energy-giving red. In characterizing the function of diverse areas through color, Kvistad develops a unique spatial character for Bakken & Bæck. via



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