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Hong Kong Apartment with Space-saving Cabinetry by Arctitudesign


The new project by Arctitudesign is light, modern and quite intriguing with its pure and sleek ambiance, noble materials palette (including Natural Turkish marble, extensive timber cladding, and light aerial textiles) and impressive custom made structures that define spaces, hide storage units and offer comfortable and tidy spatial arrangement.

Elegant layering, elevated platforms, expressive window niches and untypical timber cladding of ceilings and walls further enhance the unique design expression of this modern apartment located at North Point, Hong Kong. Vast windows frame the beautiful skylight of the urban scenery and invite an abundance of natural light into the interior decor adding to the luminous and pure feel of the tidy interior arrangement.

Light textures and clear-lined shapes entwine with custom made furniture, structures, and wall cladding and compose a very tranquil and inviting ambiance that carries the light hint of Asian Zen minimalism translated into a fluid modern arrangement. The main living premise offers open-plan composition that unites the soft sitting arrangement whit the dining table zone. Custom made structures become strong focal accents in the minimalist decor arrangement.

Interesting marble and timber bench structure separates the large comfy sofa from the dining table set. Alongside the long and narrow space, low timber storage units replicate in a way the vertical timber shutters shadowing the windows. At the far end of the main social area marble clad wall panel hosts, the TV set and interesting custom-made structure with small sitting bench finish the premise with a strong creative accent.

The minimalist furnishing and the prevailing monochrome color palette based on light color tonalities create a purity of the design arrangement that offers comfort and clean, tranquil feel for the residents in this modern urban dwelling. Trendy design lamps enhance the luminous design arrangement and accentuate different angles of the composition. The intriguing cube – within cube window niche in the children’s room with its elevated platform composition offers pure and stylish space for play and creativity.



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