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ZOOI Studio Designed a Modern Apartment in River Stone Complex


The main obvious advantages of this modern interior are cleanliness and comfort. The design studio ZOOI made sure that space gave a sense of freedom and functionality at the same time. The leading designers Maxim Doschinsky and Pavel Voitov always do their job giving maximum attention to the customer, creating an atmosphere where the strongest aspects of his character will be felt, avoiding to replace the individuality of design. Therefore, there is enough air in this interior; you can feel the practicality and the desire for perfectionism, and there are all the conditions for a willingness to relax and to enjoy the beauty of life.

To implement this project three apartments were merged into the River Stone. As a result, this apartment, conceived for a young family, occupies a half-floor of 300 square meters. The interior designers have been able to organize all the necessary premises for customers: an open space, consisting of a living room, kitchen, and dining area; master and guest bedrooms; a room for the child; nanny room, laundry room, and three bathrooms. The zoning and decoration of the apartments completely correspond to the composition of the family: there is both female and male and the room for the daughter is a separate world in which all the children’s dreams are realized.

The open space, which includes a living room, kitchen and dining room, is conventionally divided by pylons, technical track lights from the XAL factory, colors, and textures. The kitchen looks fundamentally: here clear shapes and three contrasts prevail – white, black and wood. The kitchen is made in the shape of an island, which allows you to use it for entirely different purposes: to cook with the whole family or to talk in a company of close friends tasting a bottle of wine. Brass fixtures give a cozy and chic atmosphere, differently shading it in the daytime and evening time. The module, consisting of various storage systems, accommodates everything you need. This is a kitchen that will feed the bellies and the eyes of gourmets and connoisseurs of beauty.

In the living room, the mood of the open space is constantly evolving: a huge modular sofa from the Italian factory Lema, with its coffee and milk colors. It echoes all the textiles that are present in this area and also the curtains of the panoramic windows. It’s impossible not to pay attention to the “light stalk,” bent over the coffee table of the Gallotti & Radice factory, and the floor lamp from the Italian factory Vibia.

The dining area will always be lit by pleasant conversations and good news. This is facilitated by its location right at the large viewports and the iconic product of the New York Roll & Hill factory – a chandelier with “drum” roofs. With its stylistic solution, the dining room secretly unites the living room and the kitchen, as it includes the interior characteristics of both zones. For example, the black table Muuto from Denmark echoes with the bar stools from Lapalma (Italy), and the chairs with their color and soft lines are in harmony with the sofa in the living room.

All master bedrooms usually have a large bed and plasma. But in this case, the level of comfort anticipates all expectations: a separate bathroom area, decorated with white marble tiles, is separated from the sleeping area by a transparent glass. The designer bathroom bowl is installed right next to the viewport. For complete convenience, a toilet table with a Walter Knoll chair from Germany and a towel and bathroom set Agape from Italy are located next to it. The cabinet furniture in the bedroom has an open structure and is made of translucent materials, which create a sense of openness and spaciousness. To illuminate the passage between the dressing rooms, the designers Pavel Voitov and Maxim Doschinsky have chosen the special light of the fabric XAL from Austria. Lastly, the bed is lit by solar disks from the Italian factory Marset.

The guest bedroom also has its own comfortable feature: a place to relax by the window, which completely occupies one side of the room. Everything here looks neat and easy. As in other rooms, the technical lighting is provided here, allowing you to adjust the temperature of the light and the designer lamps, and ensuring a soft evening light thanks to a floor and a suspension lamp from the Danish factory Gubi. The bedroom for the nanny is compact and, also looking comfortable and functional, takes into account everything for rest and work.

Lastly, the room for the child. It is divided into two zones: for recreation and for games, and for the studies. The perimeter of the room and the working table are decorated in the form of lovely houses, which were designed by the designers of the studio ZOOI. In the same subject is the niche for the bed. Of course, the viewport was also used to the maximum: the child also has a zone for rest at the window. Above the bedside table, a funny eagle owl is representing the sconce of the Italian factory Karman. Three child seats from the American factory Restoration Hardware and a miniature table are provided for the table games and communication with playmates. Lighting is provided by a special lamp in the form of a cloud, from the Italian factory Nemo. There is so much air here that you want to “chat” in it with your feet; about that, there is a transparent outboard swing-chair. The children’s bathroom is decorated in the same theme and scale.

All connecting rooms are also used for the installation of storage systems. Simple and high-quality design solutions by ZOOI studio provided to the owners of the apartment all the necessary furniture. Thus, it was possible to create this interior in the style of minimalism, which is not tied to trends but is created around the way of life and tastes of customers. Photographer: Andrey Bezuglov



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