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Small Compact Dwelling Calls for Ingenious Solutions


Coming from around the word intriguing and ingenious design solutions for small urban dwellings, show a universe of miniature beauty and comfort. This tiny (only 18 square-meters) apartment in a classic 1950’s building in Buenos Aires is a magnificent example of the strong global trend of adapting limited footage into a full-scale home with all its functions and comfort.

Defined by its unique architecture and location on the curve of the first-floor balcony – the apartment design, created by IR Arquitectura – fallows its challenging location and shape with ingenious grace and clever approach towards unusual curves and transparency. Creating a mesmerizing white atrium-like ambiance the architects took the challenging space into the next level.

Observed from the facade the balcony apartment is shielded with delicate, white wave-like perforated structure with very dynamic and contemporary expression. In the inside, the spatial arrangement of the atrium-like space with its smooth concrete floor is double clad in elegant and organic timber frames that can be folded to reveal the outside perimeter encapsulated in white steel frames.

Clever architectural and design solutions for hidden storage space, folding furniture elements ( like the dining table) tidily tucked away elements of the home like the cozy bed niche – sustain the illusion of light, spacious and almost airy lightness of the decor composition and free fell of this beautiful organic place. The luminous whitens of the main custom-made structures and functional frames of the apartment are further vitalized by the abundance of fresh, pot plants and the organic feel of the wooden furniture elements and structures.

Trendy and youthful furniture pieces, metal structures – it is quite a wave in modern design to create thin metal shelving decorated with green accents – composes a modern urban apartment with inspired and delicate features. Despite its small size, the balcony – apartment exudes freedom, ease of movement and elegant style.

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