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Simple Solutions for Modern Family Life by Chloe Naughton


What does a modern family home needs? An organic materials palette, a luminous environment, a flexibility of movement? Well, this untypical for small town hose, created for a soon-to-be-retired couple in Australia gives an artistic, vital and simplistically-shaped answer to that.

Proudly exposing its construct, basic materials and beautiful masonry work the cute little house, created by Chloe Naughton, capture with its purity and easygoing fluidity. Seamless connections between inside and outside premises – like between the elegant lines of the modern kitchen space and the outside terrace with its artistic and spicy brick wall pattern – secures not only abundance of natural light and clever ventilation system but also comes to show how a contemporary architecture can work in synchrony with the climate. Smooth concrete floors connect the open floor plan of the house’s modern configuration and give continuity to the organic and straightforward expression of the decor composition.

Smooth custom made wooden volumes compose the block of the furniture elements in the social area, introducing specific dynamics to the design configuration. Simple and functional entwines with organic hints and modern stylistics. Light and finishes – from the expressive white tiling on walls to the leather insertions – play a central role in the interior design of this cozy modern home. Simplicity and moderation in the selection of the furniture elements and interior colors allow the clever masonry work of the home’s shell to become an integral part of the decor.

The lattice formed by sideways laid bricks together with the popular on the words design scene; black accents of construct and decor elements, lighting solution and finishes gives a frame to the sequence of straightforward shapes. Trendy design insertions – from the thin metal frames of the decorative elements to the mini-tile cladding of bathroom premises – introduce a time context to the clever sustainability of the home’s architecture. The design team played special attention to sustainability, water collection, ventilation, and heating of the house as any forward thinking home creator should.  Photos by Benjamin Hosking;

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