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Kiev Apartment with Defined Character and Contemporary Expression


The spacious openness of this contemporary home in Kiev is underlined by some very intriguing design structures and colorful accents. Wooden benches in different levels in front of the sloped windows, brick-red massive column to accentuate the transition between sitting and kitchen zones, ocean-blue partial, brick wall to designate the adjoined music room are only a small part of the interesting design ideas from architect Alexei Venediktov, (from studio Special Project Venediktov) – the creator of this modern apartment. Composed for a young family with a child, the decor composition is cheerful, full of light and with defined character and contemporary expression.

The movement flow of the apartment is decided in, typical for a modern lifestyle, arrangement – kitchen in the heart of the daily activities, open floor composition – full of light and organic insertions, and more secluded privet quarters, including children’s and master bedrooms with bathrooms, music room with home cinema, laundry room and utilities. Using a base of monochrome color selection (mainly reflection of the structural concrete grays), the designer punctuated the decor composition with splashes of colorful accents.

The customized kitchen corner with its tidy configuration, the modern plasticity of the dining table-chair set (including the fashionable design of the suspended lamp above it) and the large, modular sofa, which offers comfort in the center of the space composition, are all dominated by neutral color combinations – shades of gray, really (if you look at it from this angle even black and white are the end polarities on a gray scale). Thus, allowing the colorful accents that decorate the surrounding decor details to stand out, without disturbing the visual balance of functional and non-functional elements.

Using, the very fashionable of late, black metal frames for glass partitions and doors the creator of the design idea allowed the natural light to penetrate in depth and created a visual connection between different premises with the usage of a dynamic, urban design element. Another very hot and trendy decor element, which we are partial towards is the bathtub-in-the-master-bedroom-combo. It creates special intimacy and suggests a modern dynamics of the inhabitants’ lifestyle. In this case, the design composition entwines soft but sophisticated grays with beautiful wooden panels in one stylish bedroom composition.

The child’s room also deserves special attention with its organic and craft- inspired ambiance. Playful, dynamic and yet in some sense serine and comforting is the decor here- wooden panels with airy bulbuls – small deck and bed on the floor create an informal and comfortable scene. And lastly: a small touch worth mentioning – the concrete pots a reference to the base of the apartment’s materials palette; with fresh green elements on strategic places throughout the home are a fresh and stylish touch. Photos by Andrey Avdeenko;