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Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel & SPA


Up for a unique and history marked Hotel and Spa experience? This unusual and magical ambiance created deep within ninth century-old caves and houses offers breathtaking entwinement between history and future, luminosity and underground coziness.

Amazing Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel & SPA project created in collaboration between architect Cosimo Dell’Acqua and architect Simone Micheli. The story of the design of the hotel begins with a drop – the metaphor of the water cycle brings the simple and pure shape of the falling drop that is artistically replicated in furniture and structural silhouettes. The artistic and unusual design project inflicts the water drop influence in the organic, flexible, and pure presence of the materials and textural components. The bronze work of Kengiro Azuma that greets the visitors of the hotel and SPA in one of the main entrances is the inspirational sculpture that gives the signature feel of the place’s design.

The centuries-old complex of caves and arched niches hosts the hotel’s reception, restaurant, breakfast room, meeting room, the wellness center and the privet quarters of the guest within the luminous and warm organic embrace of the original stone constructs and fashionable modern fittings and materials. The excavated surfaces and the vaults have been cleaned of lichen and efflorescence and brought back to their initial condition of color; lightening the project that includes futuristic structures and unique furniture pieces. The illumination project of the premises comes from below, through discrete, strategically positioned lighting fixtures, thus creating unique stenographic effects.

“Creating emotions” is the concept that animates the entire design project – from the curved lines of the signature furniture elements, through the prevailing whiteness and purity, to the snuggly feels of the architectural structures – pure, cozy and free. The futuristic, smoothly curved furniture elements in pure white and glass are in an expressive dialog with the old stone constructs and cave-like shapes of the premises – exquisite beauty created between past and future – truly and unique hotel and spa experience.  Photos by Jürgen Eheim;