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Reimagining a Heritage-Era Home by Taylor Knights Architects


After a renovation, a contemporary twist was given to an intriguing multi-layered house with atypical space distribution and invert living arrangement. The Fitzory Terrace House presents us with its new, full of light configuration – a renovating project of a heritage-era home undertaken by Taylor Knights Architects.

The layering of premises, arched ceilings, masonry brick constructs, and perforated steel staircases – the new home has it all – a beautiful and stylish combination between traditional and future-orientated stylistics.

Introducing abundance of natural light and smart ventilation into old narrow and damp spaces through the usage of unusual openings, skylights, and luminous white finishes, the architects open the architectural configuration for a fresh contemporary spirit. The house is also a wonderful and functional example of “invert living”- where the traditional ground floor entry elements (living and dining, for example) are called on a higher floor and substituted for the other passive elements (such as sleeping and retreat).

The materials and color palettes are exquisite -chosen to underline the unusual design and architectural solution of this hose with character. Ash oak for arched ceilings, concrete, and timber to supplement the textural richness of stone structure, trendy terrazzo for wet areas; elegant, fashionable and functional selection for a modern lifestyle.

The color selection matches the stylistic of the materials palette. Graphic black and white configurations – like the one in the minimalist, yet stylish kitchen composition – alternate with expressive and mood defining bold color accents- dark gray with blue hints, plum-purple for the cozy sink-in level of the chill-out zone beneath the kitchen and many other eye-catching color and design details.

The living premises combine the classic features beautifully with contemporary decor elements and configurations. Moody and dark color bases were selected for the living room, thus underlining the royal feel of the historic spine of the home. The beautiful faeade of the house was preserved, giving contextual direction for the new design. And as “a cherry on top” a leisure- time roof terrace provides a cozy observation space with stylish wooden benches.  Photos by Peter Clarke;