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Yogo Apartment by Sergey Makhno Architects


Unusual space with amazing textural compositions was created by Sergey Makhno Architects for the second home of a Switzerland businessman in Kiev. Striping the unusual architectural construct bare and creating it anew gave the opportunity of creating a coherent space flow with dynamic combination between contemporary, local traditional and organic – a well-balanced beauty!

Alternating rich in textural expression materials: concrete, clay, stone walls, and metal columns; the designer composed a welcoming and pure-feel ambiance. The fluid arch movement in the main social area fallows the breathtaking panorama of the city landscape and creates a juxtaposition between the dynamic urban scenario and the rich and welcoming color and materials composition.

In the main social zone, the contemporary design features deep-blue, velvet soft-siting elements that are spread throughout the main space. Their water element gives a cool accent to the rusted metal, stone, clay, and concrete tonalities – an earthly color and material composition, creating a balance. Elegant and unique. Artistic sculptural details and lamp insertions (like the ceramic lady with a metal skin made by Sergey Makhno or the suspended over the kitchen island lamps) give additional richness to the design composition.

A kitchen corner hiding behind sliding panels and billiard table that doubles as a dining one create a dynamic usage of space for modern lifestyle arrangement ( Save space, fallow the minimalism of possession – new age motto). The owner’s privet cave – cabinet also has quite a fantastic decor arrangement. Like the designers say “fifty shades of black” create a cozy and comfortable modern environment. And the wine cellar is close too.

Three bedrooms with the same organic-modern aesthetics complete the apartment’s interior. Innovative ecological materials for beds and headboards were used for additional comfort and style. Intriguing juxtaposition between soft bed upholsteries and metal, stone or clay accents were introduced in the decor arrangement of the bedrooms. Focal accents of special lamps selection, custom-made by the designer, give additional luxury feel; metal beauty in one of the guest rooms or the ceramic lamps – the Lakuna’s sisters by Sergey Makhno that are on guard by the bed.

Luxurious black marble and shine clad the bathroom premise. Using organic shades of beige, gray and abundance of black accents, in addition to the entwinement between metal, stone and soft textures the designers created a perfect purity for dynamic urban dwelling with expressive and earthly character. Photos by Andriy Avdeenko;