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Summer Villa Arcadia Hotel


Desert landscape, balanced by infinity water premises, minimalist and crisp white geometrical structures and interior led by simplicity and the easy-going feel of island life. This is the intriguing, modern, minimalism project of Kapsimalis Architects for a vacation Villa on the coast of the Aegean Sea.

Created as a stand-alone place for relaxations, a part of the Andronis Hotel complex, the summer villa offers a luminous environment that entwines modern minimalism and simplicity with organic and even vernacular décor elements for a warmer feel. The simplistic white volumes of the architectural shell offer a free read on contemporary transformation of traditional Santorini village home construct – smooth lines, white finishes and deep spaces ( to keep cool in the hot summer sun)with clear influence from modernism.

The home possesses certain visual fluidity – horizontally as well as vertically – a beautiful example is the dining area that combines organic materials like wood and trendy rattan insertions all with light neutral color selection allowing the traditional, red rug on the floor to stand out and create a visual center. Multiple skylight openings and strategically placed windows invite natural light without allowing the hot sun to dominate the place.

The beautiful simplicity of the geometrical, architectural shapes of the villa reflects in a way the surrounding landscape and its sand-sun-water-stone entwinement. The inviting and rela ambiance of the vacation house are also a result of the natural materials, textures, and colors of the decor composition – beige surfaces, brown, rough concrete floors, oak and rattan furniture elements, marble and ceramic tiles in organic hues combine in one easy-going ambiance with a just a hint of crafty, vernacular tradition inserted amongst eclectic and modernistic minimalism. Quite a combination! Photos: Yiorgos Kordakis;