Luxurious One Bedroom Loft Style Space


– Berlin based architects created a . The Ritz apartment is a visionary, fanciful and unique place that is very similar to rela refuge.



Thirty floors above Almaty, Kazakhstan in the prestigious tower, is a private residence designed by COORDINATION – Berlin. The Ritz apartment is a quiet place built for sensory and intellectual stimulation as well as a rela refuge. The project brief gave COORDINATION – Berlin almost free reign over design. The setting was to be used purely for leisure, intended for weekends or short stays by the owners. Any practical limitations associated with residential projects were able to be mostly cast aside, giving the design team a one-of-a-kind opportunity. With full trust and support by the client, the team worked freely to realize a visionary, site-specific interior.




Initially intended as a three-bedroom apartment, the project quickly turned into a luxurious one-bedroom loft-style space. The apartment was unfurnished but equipped with every possible necessity to enable a unique, multi-sensory living experience. COORDINATION – Berlin handled complete spatial planning, as well as interior architecture and engineering – including the design and selection of all surfaces, lights, furniture elements, kitchen units, loose & bespoke furniture pieces, accessories, design editions, and a personally curated art selection.







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