Cava Tile Collection Play with the Colors


designed by Italian studio for Spanish company . It arises from a mix of formats, decorations engraved on the piece and play with the color scheme.

LucidiPevere: From a concrete surface which was in line with the own image of the Spanish firm, we have worked the right balance between functionality and expressivity, working with its slight irregular trend and taking particular attention to porosity for all purposes be a product «easy to clean».

Unlike most collections of tile industry, finds its strength in graphic patterns of incisions, instead of surface decoration. The collection is composed of a wide range of sizes that can or cannot be recorded with the water jet technology.

Combining recorded and flat surfaces endless compositions are born. It is not until the installation of the chosen color joint is completed that the collection takes sense: real leaks and mixed engravings are confused resulting in the final decoration.

Шины Premiorri